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Since 2006, Clearpath has assisted clients in multiple industries and technology areas from research and development to delivery and sustainment. Clearpath has provided clients innovative research and analysis, industry intelligence, and business risk mitigation solutions for their supply chains, technologies, and most valuable assets. Our team, broad industry experience, repeatable methodologies, and revolutionary REDSCOPE technology allow clients to understand the key threats, vulnerabilities, capitalize on opportunities and proactively mitigate business risks to maintain a competitive advantage.


To empower our customers to better navigate and act within the world of products, systems, technologies, and supply chains.


Accelerate supply chain decision-making for every technology industry.

Featured Team Members

Scott Tholan

As the founder and CEO, Scott drives Clearpath’s strategic direction, growth, and transformative initiatives. Leveraging years of international experience across numerous business and industry sectors, Scott navigates complex challenges to create innovative solutions to deliver outstanding results for clients.

Mike Blandford

Director of Operations
Mike serves as the Director of Operations, leading Clearpath’s operations, technology implementation, research and analysis capabilities, and supply chain solutions. Mike works closely with clients in providing innovative solutions to deliver highly valued and successful outcomes.

Greg Gould

Director of Technology
Greg is the Director of Technology at Clearpath and is the pioneer of the REDSCOPE software platform and it’s variant applications. Greg leads software and module development, technology integrations, technical support, and creates tailored solutions to revolutionize industry and supply chain decision making.

Gary Geisler

Director of Client Programs
Gary is the Director of Client Programs and executes the growth priorities of Clearpath to deliver flexible and tailored technical program management and systems engineering solutions. Gary works closely with clients and the Clearpath team to ensure they capitalize and leverage the full spectrum of the company’s solutions.

Beth Choi

Director of Resources
Beth serves as the Director of Resources, developing financial strategies to ensure Clearpath delivers cost-effective and efficient solutions within client timelines. Beth also executes the company’s workforce talent objectives to provide a culture of creativity, innovation and work-life balance while delivering solutions that exceed client expectations.

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